Gas Station Payments

Activate the pump and collect your invoices, all on your mobile phone!

Enjoy a unique service station experience using the PayMet application or a tailor made app for the petrol company.

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You can now activate the pump from your mobile

All within the user's grasp

  • Select pump and amount

    Select the pump you want to use, the amount to refuel and hold down the 'Open pump' button.

  • You can fill up

    Once the request has been validated, you can get out of the vehicle and refuel the amount you requested.

  • Get your receipt or bill in real time

    When you're done, you can get back in your car and drive away without delay. The receipt and invoice for your fuel will automatically be sent to you in real time by e-mail and in the app.

Advantages for users

  • Refuelling can take as little as 90 seconds

  • Invoices are automatically received in the app and by e-mail without going to the till. Store several cards in the wallet to be able to choose which to pay with.

  • The user can pay at the pump or at the till, with the active balance in the app or directly with any of the linked bank cards.

  • In addition to topping up your own balance, you can send top ups to other people in real time so they can make purchases without having access to the cards linked to your profile.

  • Maximum security for payments and at service station facilities.

  • When they create their profile in the app, the user is linked to the petrol company's loyalty scheme to collect and redeem loyalty points/rewards/discounts.

Advantages for service stations

  • Marketing

    Competitive advantage.

  • More sales

    Increase repeat custom.

  • More traffic

    Increase in customers using service stations.

  • Higher profits

    Higher profits per litre of fuel.

  • New clients

    Attract new clients through innovation.

  • Satisfaction

    Improve service to customers.

Some of the systems included in Gas Station Payments

User App, own brand or bespoke

You have the option of using the PayMet application or having one tailored to your petrol company's needs.

Multi-purchaser connectivity

It is possible to reconcile movements with any financial entity the petrol company wishes.

Core Banking

Creation of mobile wallets for users and a payment authorisation centre.

PayMet Loyalty Platform

Loyalty platform based on points, discounts or cashback, integrated with Core Banking and the users' wallets.

Platform for reconciliation and reporting of Global Movements and Statistics

The petrol company's headquarters can reconcile all transactions conducted by Core Banking.

Online Fraud Prevention Platform

Makes it possible to analyse and block in real time all transactions linked to bank cards using a dynamic points system.

One Click Push sales platform

Advertising by PUSH notifications with deep targeting options like: geo-location, age, gender, habits, frequency, loyalty, etc...

Gas station management platform and public profile

System from which service stations can post their products and services for display on the user App, including shop products they want to sell.

How can I deploy and integrate PayMet Gas Station Payments?

Immediate deployment

Immediate deployment

Deployment requires no technical integration. Petrol companies can usually activate the system in less than 3 weeks.

Complete deployment

Complete deployment

Complete deployment via technical integration of the APIs Rest.

If you want your service stations to start accepting mobile payments:

Locate the closest station

Locate all service station

Prices for a litre of fuel

Go to the 'Fuel' section to view the price per litre of fuel at nearby gas stations.

But it's not just fuel

In addition to finding the price per litre for all fuel categories, you can see whether service stations have a shop, restaurant, ATM or other services.

Service Stations close to you

Don't sweat it if you need to refuel or find a service station quickly. The application displays the service stations close to your location.

Try out all of these functions with Cepsa Pay. Download it free