Own Brand

The Own Brand platform can adapt to any requirements

The digital world is full of ever more demanding consumers and your competitors are only a click away. PayMet provides your brand with new opportunities for growth, reputation and building competitive advantage leading to clear profits growth

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PayMet's Own Brand platform adapts to the needs of your business

PayMet Own Brand App

Start taking mobile payments in your business

Your company can make use of all of the technology PayMet offers its clients (mobile payments, one click payments, PushPay payments, online payments and loyalty platforms) in Own Brand. All that will change is the colours and logo.

Ad hoc cloud banking platform

A bespoke banking software platform

Whether you are a Financial Entity, Market Place or you want to create payment accounts, credit/microcredit accounts, pre-paid wallets, loyalty cards with cashback for your direct clients, PayMet has a turnkey banking software platform for you and a mobile payment app 100% adapted to your needs.

Our Cloud Banking has a manager with management tools so you can access, administer and reconcile 100% of the system data.

The platform can be configured to manage automatic reports and to annex any of the PayMet modules, including Reporting, Risk Profile Scoring, PML online (Prevention of Money Laundering), or Due Diligence KYC (client profile authentication module).

Properly administer and manage the payment accounts you provide your clients